When you’re pushing twenty and happen to be a horse, you may feel you’ve seen it all. My grey mare Lily knows a lot about dogs, but she still pricks up at some of our little Labrador Lila’s antics.

The other morning Lila had appropriated a bright red plastic bucket. Maybe it was the colour. Or the shape. Or simply the fact that it wasn’t hers. But she wanted it. To do something. Roll. Tilt. Snap. I’m not sure. On the lawn, she turned it this way and that exploring the options.

Typical puppy stuff, but Lily was intrigued. She caught sight of Lila sporting the red bucket and marched straight over to the fence to investigate. With warm bemusement. Lily likes to think of herself as a bit more dignified than your average dog, but sometimes she gets sucked in.

[wpvideo fA2Mu7sQ w=484]

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