As much as I hate taking Lila to the vet, the waiting room almost always provides some good entertainment.  Each creature coping with the uncomfortable situation in its own idiosyncratic way.   I pass the time reading the expressions on the assembled furry faces.  And Lila takes an interest in them, too.  [read more below]

[wpvideo whh5VELA w=484]

Our poor doggy recently underwent surgery to remove a suspected grass seed from her neck.  The offending object had caused a nasty abscess. When we returned to the clinic a few days later for her follow-up appointment, I’d worried that the trauma of the previous visit may have had lingering adverse effects.

Not so.  When we arrived, Lila seemed perfectly happy.  Observing the comings and goings of the assorted patients with no sign of anxiety.   Just curiosity.  Until her “turn” came.  When her vet emerged, she took one good look all the way up his extra long body, recognised his face and beat a hasty retreat to under the nearest table. 

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