No one warned us about the high energy of Labradors.  It caught us off guard.  We had expected a dog that would mostly laze around the house and occasionally oblige us by fetching a ball.  Instead, our Lila has a brain on overdrive and a body poised for action.   Granted she’s still young…

When she’s not sneaking into a bedroom to steal some dirty underwear or a stray sock (the smellier the better), she’s on her hind legs at the kitchen sink licking the last scrap from a dinner plate.   She seems to break rules out of boredom, but keeping Lila entertained indoors can be mentally draining.  And Phil and I run out of bright ideas long before Lila does.  [read more below]

[wpvideo tmBpNpE0 w=484]

That’s when we fall back on the great outdoors.   Go for a bike ride, for example.  We are blessed with a very long driveway where Lila can trot alongside the bike off lead. Initially, she seized this as an opportunity to snap at the rotating front tyre.   Not the safest game to play so we needed to establish some ground rules. 

Now Lila knows better, but sometimes craves a little extra excitement and succumbs to the whirling temptation.   Given a gruff reminder, however, she’ll divert herself by happily toting a horse’s “jolly ball” in her super strong jaws.   A bouncing red toy twice the size of her head.  She has begun to grasp the meaning of compromise.  A sure sign she’s growing up.

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