Yes, I know Labradors have webbed toes, but I still wondered how things would go with Lila’s first swim. Although she’s now six months old, she has had very little experience with water. (It doesn’t rain much here.)

The other morning the sun was shining brightly, Lila’s best friend Ochie (and owner Kiersten) had come to visit and there wasn’t a kangaroo in sight (please see lila the labrador encounters a kangaroo to grasp the full meaning of this). The timing seemed perfect to take the two dogs for a swim in our dam.  [read more below]

[wpvideo 5yCKwUWI w=484]

Ochie, although somewhat older than Lila, hadn’t had much opportunity to swim. And Lila none at all. Nevertheless, once in the paddock, they both headed straight into the water. Although Lila immediately put her webbed toes to good use and went for a confident paddle, she was puzzled by the water not being solid and slapped at it with her paws. In the video, Kiersten speaks on behalf of Lila: “I should be able to walk on it!”

A moment later, after a ball was pitched into the dam, something unexpected occurred. Lila launched herself at it from the embankment, hit the water with a whopping belly flop and sank like a stone. Ochie couldn’t believe his eyes and rushed to her rescue. Lila soon resurfaced, however, unfazed. Well, almost. She’d forgotten the ball.

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