I can’t lay claim to the idea.  A friend told me.  She too has a chocolate dog that disappears in the dark.   All brown and totally invisible.  At least our border collie Rosie had some white markings we could spot at night.  Our Labrador Lila just vanishes.  [read more below]

[wpvideo GUY4OW0n w=484]

The solution turns out be obvious:  a small flashing light attached to the collar.  I bought one for ten dollars at the local bike shop.  Brilliant.  I can let Lila out in the wee hours and know exactly where she is and what she’s up to.   With our wayward pup, locating her makes a successful recall far more likely.

A word of warning.  One Labrador who shall remain nameless initially considered the flashing light chew-worthy and attempted to remove it from her collar.  Best to attach the light in such a way that its removal is physically impossible.

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