Whenever a friend gets a new puppy, I’m delighted on Lila’s behalf.   I figure she’ll soon have another playmate.  She’s forever expanding her social circle.   She enjoys the stimulation.

My friend Anita recently brought over her three-month-old black Labrador Jett.  A first for Lila.   She had never met a dog halfway between tiny and tough.  And because I sometimes wonder if Lila knows her own strength (like when she hurls herself at an elderly neighbour in the hope of an airborne smooch), I thought it best to proceed with caution.   [read more below]

[wpvideo ix2dZqmV w=484]

When Jett arrived, naturally Lila was pretty excited and, from time to time, I gently reminded her that Jett was still a baby, which she seemed to understand.  She shared her toys, showed off her crazy loops and occasionally rolled onto her back to let Jett have a turn on top.  They happily tumbled and circled until eventually the heat of the day slowed them down.

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