Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I would become weather-obsessed.   But I have.  Forever observing our rain gauge levels…and tracking the Bureau of Meteorology radar with more than a casual interest.  After living through twelve years of drought, clouds have taken on new meaning.

In this part of Australia, summers have become intensely hot, dry and dusty.  When the wind blows, grit sticks to your teeth.  And eyes.   But last week things turned strangely sultry with rumbles of thunder.    Black clouds kept building until all hell broke loose…ejecting tennis-ball-sized hailstones that blasted through car windows and left parents at an outdoor festival shielding their offspring with the tops of rubbish bins!  Roofs collapsed and buildings flooded.  [read more below]

[wpvideo Jzz7zgGR w=484]

Despite our Labrador Lila having never seen anything like it, she wasn’t particularly impressed.  Not even an enormous clap of thunder right over the house fazed her.  I yelped, but she barely blinked.  It wasn’t until the storm had passed, when we ventured outside to investigate, that her curiosity was roused.   Much to her amazement, our rainwater tanks were overflowing!   Creating a wondrous waterfall to capture with her tongue…

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