When two dogs of the same breed meet, there seems to me to be a spark of recognition:  “Hey, it looks like we’ve got a few things in common!”  Maybe it’s their shape or scent or some subtle behavioural trait, but more often than not they fall into a cozy routine.  [read more below] 

[wpvideo Uymjts9m w=484]

A week or so ago, seven-year-old Labrador Black Jack paid us a visit.  Lila greeted him as if he were her long-lost cousin.   And Jack, despite Lila’s youthful exuberance, ambled around as if he had known her all his life.  Very casual and comfortable.  And, in contrast to Lila, dignified! 

There was nothing exceptional about this first meeting except how ordinary it was.   Two strangers uncovering a mutual understanding.  And simply enjoying each other’s company.

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