At the tender age of one, our Labrador Lila already has one huge regret.  She cannot climb trees.  Shrubs, yes.  Trees, no.   This regret surfaces each time she hears the cacophony of cockatoos.   When these beautiful (raucous) white creatures float towards the gum tree in front of our house, Lila charges down the steps to greet them.  (At least I hope that that’s her intention.)  [read more below]

[wpvideo 9Zu2UQSw w=484]

A rowdy gang perches beyond Lila’s reach.  Screeching loudly and taunting her with unfurled sulphur crests and lifted wings.   Lila stands on tiptoe with front paws high on the tree trunk.  Snout up up up.   Stretching towards that first branch.  Wagging her tail, but barking with frustration.  And the cockatoos squawk:  Silly dog.  You can’t climb a tree.  Or fly.

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