Well, if Christmas morning did not meet our expectations (please see lila’s wading pool), Christmas afternoon exceeded them.  For months we’d been hearing wonderful things about the Brighton dog beach.  A Melbourne beach where dogs romp off lead. A kind of round-the-clock beach party for dogs.  And Christmas seemed like the perfect time to go there.  [read more below]

[wpvideo lBeAuhNP w=484]

When we arrived, it occurred to me that all the other dogs would know each other and perhaps not welcome a newcomer.  That didn’t faze Lila though.   She trotted off confidently to greet the gang.  Three very large dogs immediately surrounded her. Gulp.  But thankfully only to give her a good sniff.  Before we knew it, everyone had become fast friends and celebrated the holiday by skittering joyfully across the shallows of the bay.

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