Many months ago I’d taken our Labrador Lila to the local farmers’ market when she was still small enough to carry in my arms (for a limited time!).  Everyone rushed up to my sweet fuzzy pup and gushed…very gratifying for a proud “mother”.   I figured a bustling market was the perfect way for an 8-week-old to experience the world.  

We recently revisited the same market.  With Lila fully grown and making her way around on her own four feet.  Except when two would occasionally leave the ground to greet a passerby.   She took in all the sights (and smells) from oranges and cakes to pot plants and toy monkeys.  And introduced herself to members of the Country Fire Authority and canine market goers whenever she got the chance.  [read more below]

[wpvideo NS5RGdEK w=484]

Her sometimes overly enthusiastic g’days aside, she coped very well with the spectacle.  Curious and happy to be amongst the crowd.  The only thing that got her hackles up was some ponies.  Furry little beasts with the familiar scent of horses, but looking like something else.   Creatures disconcerting enough to spark a barking frenzy…the very moment that Lila suddenly found herself no longer welcome.

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