What is it about a meaty bone??? A dog’s raison d’etre. Nothing can beat it. Not even a beautiful breast of chicken.

Our Labrador Lila is not yet five months old and I already find myself forced to whisper “b-o-n-e” whenever using the word out of context (the context of Lila receiving one). If I make the mistake of SAYING the word, even when she’s theoretically out of earshot, she will suddenly burst through the doorway and skid to a halt at my feet. Her whole body wagging with expectation.  [read more below]

[wpvideo iPY2Yumv w=484]

If given what she so desires (specifically, half a lamb shank), she will briskly trot to a comfortable spot on the lawn and devote an entire afternoon to its consumption. With eyes half-closed with contentment. Gnawing it every which way. Maybe even extracting a couple more baby teeth in the process. What bliss.

Despite a reluctance to reveal my less-than-optimal control over the situation, I have included a video of how Lila’s bone-eating sometimes transpires.

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